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Public divorce recordsTo find out whether a particular individual has been divorced in the past or not, you will have to go through public divorce records first. This is definitely a very significant issue, especially in the case where you are heading towards a sensitive and serious relationship later on in life, with your new life partner. This is a very crucial matter, but there are a lot of people who do not give importance to it and when they discover the real truth, it is usually too late as well. To find out the truth, the public divorce records prove to be a great help indeed. Instead of facing difficulties in the end, you must think of resourceful ways to find out whether someone is divorced or not.

Before proceeding further into a new relationship it is always better to conduct a complete check on the background of that particular person via public divorce records. First you need to decide upon which method is going to provide you with accurate information. Some amount of homework needs to be done, besides a good amount of research on the internet as well. There could be several methods of finding out whether a particular individual is divorced or not. Just conducting a random search is not enough, as it is very important to get hundred percent results in the first one. To check the marital status of the person, there are several ways, but as a good initiative you could start with searching the internet for public divorce records.

A number of professional as well as social networking websites are available on the internet. They are considered as some of the most reliable and the best methods of checking public divorce records or marital status of individuals. These days, Orkut, LinkedIn and Facebook are some of the most popular social networking sites where individuals declare their marital status which can be a good indication of whether the person is married or not. This is an important technique to find out marital information you want, besides public divorce records. By creating a dummy profile you could even try interacting with the opposite person as anonymous. However this kind of information need not always be authentic as there are many people who could even fake this info and you may not be able to find out the truth.

Besides checking public divorce records you could even consider hiring a detective agent on a private basis, who would do the necessary investigation for you. Detective agents are considered to be experts in their field, who are tactful in finding out previous history of the concerned person. Sufficient information has to be provided to the detective and he conducts the investigation on your behalf. Information like the concerned person’s name, the address, date of birth and especially the marriage location has to be provided at any cost makes the investigation an easier and faster process. Public divorce records online continue to provide necessary authentic information to millions around the globe.

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